Sunday, October 13, 2013

PROJECT UPDATE: Habitat for Humanity Montana Passive House

The final blower door test wrapped up this week at the first Passive House in Montana. Economical YARO PVCU PH window frames with SGG LUX glazing were supplied to help the project meet its heating demand and air-tightness goals. The result is a extremely high performing building set in a common suburban typology.  From the exterior, the only hints are the tilt-in windows and lack of a chimney.  Christopher Gonzales, Architect, CPHC succeeded in proving that passive house projects can match the typical American residential design aesthetic. More significant is how the project was built. Habitat for Humanity of Gallatin Valley took a giant step by supporting the project and proving that passive houses can be built with standard techniques and volunteer labor.  The construction process served as a learning experience for the team and a rigorous test of their methodology and attentiveness to detail.

The final successful blower test ensured that the supplied YARO windows are air-tight.  Finite observations were made during the test using thermal imaging to pin point the air leaks. The few windows that were slightly out of tolerance could be easily adjusted to meet the requirements.

This project serves as a proud example for future projects in Montana to follow and we look forward to engaging in the community as it grows.  We at YARO extend our highest congratulations and praise to Christopher for his boldness in taking the first steps. 


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