Friday, April 12, 2013

PROJECT UPDATE:Single Family Residence, Park Place Somerville, MA

Park Place_window_turn_open_partialPark Place_window_turn_openPark Place_window_tilt_openPark Place_window_hardware_detail_5Park Place_window_hardware_detail_4Park Place_window_hardware_detail_3
Park Place_window_hardware_detail_2Park Place_window_hardware_detailPark Place_window_closedPark Place_patio_door_pullPark Place_patio_door_interior_handle_2Park Place_patio_door_interior_handle
Park Place_patio_door_interiorPark Place_patio_door_hardware_2Park Place_patio_door_hardware_1Park Place_patio_door_detail_6Park Place_interior_002Park Place_interior_001
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Park Place, a set on Flickr.
Single Family House in Somerville MA designed and built to Passive House Standards by Placetailor.

Yaro aluminum clad wood units with red powder coated exterior and natural spruce interior.

Unit Types Include:
Windows: Tilt/Turn, Top Hung, Fixed
Entry Doors
French Patio Door

Performance Specs:
Uf: 0.18 Btu/(h·ft²·°F)
Ug: 0.105 (R-10) Btu/(h·ft²·°F)
SHGC: 0.50
VT: 0.71

You can learn more about the project here.Park Passivhaus

Tilt/Turn Window Operation

The Tilt/Turn Operation of Yaro Windows is intuitive and easy.  A tilt/turn window combines the functionality of a casement and a hopper unit into one system.  The result is a full ventilating window that also swings to the interior for easy cleaning or emergency egress.

The tilt/turn hardware is all controlled by rotating the handle. 
Here is a breakdown:

From the locked position (handle pointed down and window closed) simply rotate the handle up a few clicks till it is horizontal (90 degrees to the frame) and then gently pull.  The sash will lightly swing inward, like a typical door. The balance of the sash on the 3D hinges ensures that the inward swing will be light and fluid, no matter how large the unit is. To close the window, swing the sash shut and rotate the handle downward to the locked position.

From the locked position rotate the handle up several clicks (180 degrees) till the handle is pointed up and completely vertical, then gently pull. The sash will tilt inward approximately 4.4 inches, opening at the top and the sides for ventilation. To close the window, push the sash shut and rotate the handle downward to the locked position.

With this hybrid functionality, Yaro windows are a perfect solution for projects needing robust and easy to use natural ventilation.