Sunday, October 13, 2013

PROJECT UPDATE: 255 Columbia St. Brooklyn, NY

Construction is progressing steadily at 255 Columbia and the first YARO Aluminum Clad Wood Windows are starting to appear on the facade of this urban passive house.  In collaboration with Loadingdock5, YARO created a diverse glazing package with complimenting energy efficient installation details.  The supplied glazing includes unique corner mulled units and expansive lift/slide balcony doors.  The ground floor lobby features YARO PH aluminum entry doors to meet the rigorous demands of daily use.  Its uncommon to find wood windows in a project of this scale.  The uncompromising aesthetics coupled with Passive House performance made YARO Alu-clad Wood a perfect fit.

Steel framing can make thermal efficiency difficult to achieve. The installation details utilized EIFS to over-insulate the installation cavity, greatly reducing heat loss through the steel stud framing.  YARO provided design guidance to the architect throughout the envelope detailing phase and created THERM calculations for critical areas to ensure the project goals were met.

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